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Frank Capra

There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.

Frank Capra


We want to help you build a creative campaign that makes a difference. Simple, effective, memorable ideas that resonate with your audience and will increase the value of your brand and business. We’ll make sure it’s cutting edge, heightens the customer experience and that it makes a racket, of course. 


The question that forms the basis of the whole idea. Whether it’s about a product, brand perception, or the need to expand into new areas, this will inform the idea process and maintain focus.


So what will be the big idea? We will spend time making sure the creative is a perfect strategic fit and that it excites, engages, and stands out from the crowd. This is the part of the process that defines us, this is what will give you the edge over your competitors.


With our incredible experience within the production of creative assets, we will be able to bring the idea to life and make sure you get the best quality possible. 


We will work together to make sure your strategy works and how it will best engage with today’s audiences. The world changes fast, and we will make sure you’re not left behind.


It doesn’t matter how big the screen is, who the audience is, or what the budget might be, we have over 15 years experience of producing high quality video that will get everyone talking.

Short Form Content

As well as producing traditional short form content, we offer creative opportunities for brands and agencies that are looking for new ways to engage audiences e.g. Brand Owned IP or Content Creators. Put your stamp on what people are watching!


We have a history of working with some of the world’s top brands and agencies to create commercials of the highest quality, with a number of Directors at hand to make sure you achieve your vision


Whether it’s capturing an event, putting together a training video, making a recruitment film, or interviewing your CEO, we’ll work with you to make sure it ticks all the boxes and engages your audience. 


We are continually coming up with ideas that we are always interested in sharing with broadcasters and networks.We have a number of projects in development that we would love to share with you.


We’ve had success producing a regular podcast ‘A New Winter’ which has had millions of listens. If you’d like to know how a podcast can work for you, please get in touch.


We can work with your marketing team to deliver you a collection of assets that you can use across your campaign. We also have experience working with Influencers and can help make sure it’s a smooth process.  

Perhaps you’re interested in making some relevant extra content to give your campaign a boost? Well, we can do it. If you don’t have a marketing team, we can help advise and get you on the right track to make sure you achieve maximum impact.


We will offer everything you need to get views, engagement, spread awareness and have a high quality product that gets people talking. We will also work with you to see how we can turn the end product into a bank of assets that we can distribute through Influencers.


Our Founder was part of the largest MCN in the world, so we know how to work with Influencers and what gets results on their channels. We have insights into making sure your video gets in front of the people you are targeting and that it won’t be lost in the deluge of content. It’s our duty to give you that extra nudge in front of the competition.

Stanley Kubrick

If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.


Our Showreel



  1. USA Through Film

A series of beautiful films talking to top Hollywood directors about locations close to their heart.

  1. Canada Road Trip   

Working with Canada Tourism to use various popular German influencers to inspire people to visit Canada.

  1. Diet Coke Break  

In association with Diet Coke, we put Holly Willoughby and internet sensation Patricia Bright together to play some YouTube inspired games.

  1. ASUS Battlefront II   

ASUS ROG laptops are purely for gamers. So we took two teams and pitted them against one another in a Star Wars Battlefront 2 tournament. 

  1. Sainsbury’s Active Kids

Working closely with AMV BBDO and Sainsbury’s to show how to make engaging content.

  1. Bloom

Screened at Cannes and Raindance, this short film shows a dark, horrific insight into one man’s mind.


About Racket

Racket is a Creative Production Company based by the beach in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex and founded by Sam LeGassick (Creative Lead at Disney, MTV, Maker Studios, UK Film Council). 

Our Story

What makes your brand valuable? The fact that it’s different. 

It’s what gives you the edge on your competitors, and committing to be maintaining that difference is what makes brands last.

Being different should therefore be part of everything you do – and that’s why we’re here.

We were set up to be the punk rock of production. We want to shake up the system, we want to truly do different.

We’re not rebellious for the sake of it. We want to upset the norm. We want to challenge how people view the world.

We want them to get more out of life – to be excited with each passing day – and this ethos is passed down through every single thing we do.  

Want to see what we can do? Send us an email or give us a call.

We think outside the box. We’re noisy. We initiate conversation.

We make a Racket. 

Join us and Get Heard.

Orson Welles

I prefer people who rock the boat to people who jump out.



We’re based next to the beach in sunny idyllic Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, about 50 minutes from Tower Hill if you ever want to come along and get a famous Rossi ice cream.

Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK
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